Posted on: May 4, 2010 11:55 am

Enough is enough

When are the Jaguars going to wise up and get ride of this so called good coach in Del Rio. Yes he has improved the defense but if you look at our offensive numbers they have been on a steady decline. He like to run the ball to much and we don't have enough depth in the back field to continue on with this trend. We also don't have a great quaterback and that is another factor but also there is the fact that he is not a great judge of talent in players or in staff.

Common what are we going to have to do here.

Please can someone please tell me what we need to do as a fan tired of this guy.
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Posted on: January 6, 2010 12:21 pm

Bowden being blamed

To me is seems as if a lot of people blame Bowden for what happened down there at FSU. I ask myself this could it be Bowden fault for the cheating and losing.

FSU and Bowden allowed Jeff to stay to long. The offense dwindled a lot it kind of went downhill from there. I mean it wasn't horrible it was just inconsistent play calling and not changing to play calling to what was on the field. Not all OC can do that I mean to be able to teach to your team to play in a certain way is hard enough but you really have to be a genius to be able to teach 2 styles of offense's and compete at a certain level. Jeff Bowden Struggled with that he started with his and when the fans didn't like it he tried other things the problem with that is. That he was not consistent enough with his play calling that it was ever changing always trying to please someone else. That is one reason why our offense struggled as well. Another thing would you really want to fire your son!!!! I wouldn't because I wouldn't want to be a failure as a father to say I couldn't mentor my son good enough. Can you really blame the guy for being human? I think the university should have stepped in sooner and made this happen!!! I as fan gave money out of my own pocket to help alumni with this issue

Moving on to the next thing

Given Bowden’s age is it truly possible that he could be that involved with his players to know that they are cheating in an easy class for cheap credits. For one I don't think he was that close with enough of the players to know that. 2 with all the coaching changes that had been made don't you think that most of his time would have been getting the offense back under control.

I don't blame Bowden for how he handled his son or how he handled the cheating. The man is only human. Bowden was a great coach and surpassed Paterno at one point for wins but did something that no one else has done or probably will ever do 14 years in the top 5. To me that is consistantsy and great coaching.

Thanks for all the great memories Bowden please enjoy your retirement.

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